Gas Dynamics Imaging Laboratory

Our research

Our research interests and activities mainly focus on laser diagnostics for fluids and reacting flows, low- and high-speed mixing and combustion. We conduct experimental investigation of supersonic combustion in scramjet-type environments, hypersonic impulse facilities, rocket combustion phenomena, development and application of PLIF-based techniques for mixing and thermometry, and turbulent nonpremixed combustion.

Our projects

The following are some of our current main activities:

Supersonic combustion

We carry out experimental investigations to study the fundamental physics governing supersonic mixing and combustion phenomena. We leverage the Michigan Hypersonic Impulse Facility (MHExT) to generate a wide range of high-enthalpy conditions to replicate combustor-entry conditions of interest. Our work aims to better understand the underlying physics present in this highly complex and dynamic regime, where a coupling between chemistry, non-equilibrium, turbulence, and compressibility exists.

Laser diagnostics

Part of our activities are dedicated to the development of laser diagnostics for flow and combustion applications.

Rocket combustion

We have recently rebuilt the Michigan Single Element Rocket Facility which replicates rocket engine conditions in a laboratory scale setup. Our current work focuses on the investigation of combustion dynamics of transient phenomena in rocket engines, the structure of flame liftoff, flame base, anchoring, and flame stability properties.

Shock/boundary layer interaction

Fundamental study of the shock boundary layer problem in the U-M Glass Supersonic Wind Tunnel.