The following are our experimental facilities: http://gdilab.engin.umich.edu/xtube/


The University of Michigan Hypersonic Expansion Tube (MHExT)

MHExT is a hypersonic impulse facility capable of generating high-enthalpy flows representative of flight Mach numbers ranging between 4 and 11. A wide range of flow conditions are accessible by leveraging two unsteady waves to process any test gas composition of interest. The test section provides optical access for employing numerous non-intrusive diagnostic techniques to measure properties in reacting and compressible flows. The facility also provides an opportunity to develop and implement non-intrusive laser diagnostic measurement techniques.


The Michigan Glass Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Our supersonic wind tunnel is a vacuum driven suction supersonic wind tunnel. Different one-sided converging-diverging nozzle blocks allow to generate either a Mach 2.25 or 2.75 flow in the low-aspect-ratio (width-to-height aspect ratio of 0.83), 0.5 m long duct. The test section has optical access on both sides for the entire length of the duct and some access on the floor. Instrumentation provides cinema schlieren imaging, wall pressure and stereoscopic PIV measurements on any of the three orthogonal planes.


Single Element Rocket Facility

The Single Element Rocket Facility is a laboratory scale rocket engine designed to study mixing and combustion at moderate chamber pressures up to 10 atmospheres. This facility can be operated with gaseous oxygen, hydrogen or other hydrocarbon fuels for up to 10 seconds. The engine is of modular designed, and includes a windowed section that allows optical access for laser diagnostics techniques over the entire length of the combustion chamber. Current diagnostics include acetone and OH PLIF imaging. We are currently developing toluene PLIF imaging and PIV velocity measurements.