Riley Huff


Ph.D. Candidate

FXB 2020

[email protected]


Riley Huff graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a B.S in Aeronautical
Engineering, with a focus in air breathing propulsion. Upon commissioning into the Air
Force, his first assignment was getting a M.S in Aerospace Engineering from the Air Force
Institute of Technology in 2018. His masters research focused on RDE technology,
specifically looking at a non-conventional flow geometry with uses in electrical power
generation. After graduating, Riley remained in the propulsion field as a Research
Engineer in the Air Force Research Laboratory, where he continued RDE research and
development while also venturing into the gas turbine engine research. This included the
modification and characterization of small gas turbine engines, as well as the test facility
required to develop these engines. Now Riley is a student at the University of Michigan,
working towards earning a PhD in Aerospace Engineering in the RDE field.